Top 10 Questions to Ask Before You Hire a Lawyer

Before you hire an attorney for any legal issue, you should make sure they are the best fit for you. Many people end up being unhappy with their legal advisor because they simply didn’t take the time for a proper interview with a few quick questions.

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Why Should I Ask Questions Before I Hire a Lawyer?

You should ask your potential lawyer questions to ensure they are the right attorney for you. The most common complaints people have about legal counsel include:

  • The attorney does not communicate as frequently as they would like.
  • The attorney does not have enough time to diligently work on their case.
  • The attorney does not seem to have experience in the specific case type.

All of these problems are legitimate, but they are also foreseeable and can be avoided.

Before you hire an attorney, ask them these 10 questions to determine if they are the best Los Angeles, CA lawyer for you.

1. How Much Experience Do You Have with Cases Like Mine?

Knowledge of the law comes with experience of similar cases. When you seek out a Los Angeles, CA employment lawyer, you should ask them if they have handled cases dealing with issues like yours. This will ensure they have the proper expertise to guide your case to a successful conclusion. 

2. Does the Attorney Practice the Specific Type of Law I Need?

Some attorneys specialize in one type of law and others have multiple practice areas. It’s often best to find an attorney who focuses on minimal types of law so that you know they have the knowledge necessary to handle your specific case.

3. Do You Have Any Disciplinary History from the State Bar?

Lawyers in California are regulated by The State Bar of California. You can find out if the attorney you are considering has any disciplinary history, such as failure to provide legal services with competence or misappropriation of legal fees, on the Attorney Search website. You can search by attorney name or bar number.

4. Who Will I Speak to When I Call the Law Firm?

When you have questions about your case, you will want to know who will answer the phone and discuss your issues with you. Some firms use a team of legal professionals to manage client cases and legal assistants or paralegals talk to clients when they call. At other firms, you will speak directly with an attorney when you have questions.

5. How Can I Contact My Los Angeles, CA Attorney?

Some law firms offer multiple methods by which you can contact your attorney. You may have the option to call, text, or email your attorney. Some law firms allow in-person meetings as well as video conferences with your attorney. Find out the best way to contact your attorney prior to hiring them.

6. Do You Have Experience Working in the Location Where My Case Will Be in Court?

Los Angeles is a vast area with many courthouses. You should find out which court your case would be heard in and ask your potential attorney if they are familiar with the rules and procedures of that courthouse. Individual judges may also have preferences of which your attorney should be aware.

7. Do You Offer a Free Consultation?

Some law firms charge you for an initial consultation and others will offer you an evaluation for free. It’s important to find out if you can get an overview of your options and ask questions before being charged for legal services.

8. How Do You Charge Legal Fees?

Every attorney will take legal fees at some point. Some attorneys charge hourly legal fees and others charge a flat rate for specific services. One of the most common ways that attorneys get paid for services is to contract for a certain percentage of the compensation they help their client win from the other party.

9. Are There Any Hidden Costs?

In addition to legal fees, attorneys often charge for additional costs like travel, copies, mailing, and expert witness expenses. Your attorney should be upfront about their fees and any additional costs during your initial consultation.

10. Do You Have Time to Work on My Case?

Most attorneys are busy, but the right attorney for you will be able to work your case into their schedule. Ask them how much time they anticipate spending on your case weekly and if they have that much free time currently. If the attorney doesn’t have time to spend on your case, they may end up pushing deadlines and transferring your case to someone else at the firm.


Setyan Law Can Answer All of Your Questions

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