Los Angeles Department of Fair Employment and Housing

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The Department of Fair Employment and Housing offers protection to California employees throughout the state. However, complaints made through this agency can be complex, confusing, and time consuming. If you have faced discrimination, you should contact a Los Angeles DFEH attorney at Setyan Law. We understand the law and DFEH process.

What Does the California Department of Fair Employment and Housing Do?

The DFEH is a state government agency that oversees the protection of California residents from discrimination in employment, housing, and public accommodation. The DFEH is the largest agency focused on civil rights in the United States. The DFEH also offers representation to victims of violent hate crimes.

The director of the DFEH is appointed by the governor of California. There are 15 DFEH offices throughout the state of California.

Who Is Protected by the California DFEH?

One of the California Dept. of Fair Employment and Housing’s primary purposes is to enforce the Fair Employment and Housing Act (FEHA) and manage complaints of discrimination. DFEH may enforce this law with public and private employers, labor organizations, employment agencies, licensing boards, and apprentice training programs.

DFEH Complaint Process

If you’ve faced discrimination, you can file a complaint through the DFEH. An intake form may be submitted online through the California Civil Rights System (CCRS), or by mail or phone.

You will need to provide the following information to the DFEH about your situation:

  • Specific facts about the discrimination incident
  • Contact information for the person or organization that harmed you
  • Copies of documents or other evidence related to your complaint
  • Names and contact information of witnesses

You have three years form the date you were harmed to file an employment discrimination case.

After you file a complaint, the DFEH will review the allegations and investigate any violations of civil rights that may have occurred. They will ask questions from both parties and collect as much information as is available. You also have the right to obtain a right to sue letter and file suit directly in court. 

If the DFEH finds there is reasonable cause to believe that a law the department enforces has been violated, then the DFEH will notify the parties that the department intends to file a lawsuit in court. However, before anyone files a lawsuit, the DFEH will likely require the parties to go to mediation. A mediation will allow both sides to reach an agreement and you may obtain a discrimination settlement.

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