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Harassment in the workplace can take many forms, including sexual harassment. However, many groups may face harassment based on age, race, sexual orientation, or other characteristics. Harassment may take place by coworkers, superiors, clients, or others in the workplace. No matter who acts wrongfully, harassment is illegal. If you have faced this type of treatment, you should contact a Los Angeles workplace harassment lawyer at Setyan Law.

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Types of Workplace Harassment

It can be easy to confuse harassment for discrimination; however, they are different things. An employer or coworker may harass you without discriminating against you. Regardless, similar characteristics are protected by California and federal laws.

According to California’s Fair Employment and Housing Act, any type of workplace harassment is prohibited against the following “protected classes” or groups:

Quid Pro Quo Workplace Harassment

Quid pro quo is a Latin phrase that means “this for that.” Quid pro quo workplace harassment is common in situations involving sexual harassment. For example, if a supervisor requests sexual favors in return for a promotion or raise at work, that is illegal quid pro quo harassment.

Hostile Work Environment Harassment

A hostile work environment may be created by harassing conduct or bullying that creates an abusive work environment. This type of harassment must be either “severe” or “pervasive,” so isolated or minor incidents don’t usually constitute harassment.

Workplace Harassment Laws in California

Two primary laws protect you against harassment in the workplace: California’s Fair Employment and Housing Act (FEHA) and the federal Title VII of the Civil Rights Act. It can be difficult to know which law to use when filing a claim, so you should work with a civil harassment lawyer to determine what steps you should take.

California Fair Employment and Housing Act

FEHA protects workers of all employers with five or more employees. Before filing a workplace harassment lawsuit, you must first file a complaint with the California Department of Fair Employment and Housing (DFEH). FEHA does not limit the amount of money you can recover in a claim.

Title VII of the Civil Rights Act

Title VII protects workers of employers with at least 15 employees. In order to file a complaint based on Title VII, you must make a claim with the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC). If that case is not successful, then you may opt to file a workplace harassment lawsuit based on Title VII.

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Harassment can take many forms, all of which are illegal. Whether you are the target of harassment or face a hostile work environment as a person on the sidelines, you have rights to make it stop. If your employer fails to properly protect you against these wrongful acts, you should reach out to a Los Angeles employment lawyer.

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