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You deserve a workplace free from discrimination, harassment, and retaliation. The Equal Employment Opportunity Commission protects workers throughout the United States who have faced unfair treatment on the job. In these situations, you should contact a Los Angeles, CA EEOC lawyer at Setyan Law who will stand by your side through the EEOC complaint process.

What Is the EEOC?

The Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) is a federal government agency that enforces federal laws that make discrimination illegal. The EEOC accepts complaints regarding workplace discrimination and investigates those situations to determine if an employer violated a law.

Types of Discrimination the EEOC Handles

The EEOC investigates discrimination at all levels of the employment process. Unfair hiring practices, compensation, promotions, benefits, and recruiting are all under the EEOC authority. If you are denied an employment opportunity due to discrimination based on any protected class, you can contact the EEOC to handle the situation.

Protected classes include:

Additionally, you are protected against harassment, including sexual harassment, and retaliation.

How to File an EEOC Inquiry

You might wonder: How do I file an EEOC complaint against my employer? You can file an employment discrimination inquiry through the EEOC portal, called the EEOC Public Portal. The portal also allows you to schedule an intake interview.

The interview will take place with an EEOC staff member who will work to determine if your employer violated any federal discrimination laws. They will collect information from you and explain your rights and responsibilities.

They will also inform you about what will happen after you file a charge. You may then decide if you want to proceed with filing a charge of discrimination against your employer.

What Happens After You File an EEOC Charge of Discrimination?

After you file an EEOC charge of discrimination, you will be contacted by an EEOC investigator. They will review all of the information you have and collect evidence from your employer as well. They may ask additional questions of both parties.

The EEOC will likely require you to attend mediation with your employer. The goal of mediation is to reach an employment settlement agreement that is acceptable to both parties. If you cannot, then the EEOC will proceed with a determination about whether the employer violated the law.

You will eventually have an option to file an EEOC lawsuit against your employer. It does not matter if the EEOC found that the employer violated the law. You still have a right to file a lawsuit and take them to court to recover compensation.

A Los Angeles, CA EEOC Attorney is Here for You

The EEOC is a federal agency that operates similarly to California state agencies. Thus, in many situations, you will file a state claim first. However, an EEOC complaint is always an option. To determine whether filing with the EEOC is in your best interest, you should contact an employment lawyer in Los Angeles, CA at Setyan Law.

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