Glendale Wrongful Termination Lawyer

Setyan Law has a team of wrongful termination attorneys in Glendale who can help if you’ve been unfairly dismissed from work or unlawfully terminated from your employment.

You likely rely on your employment to sustain your way of life. When you’re fired, you may have no idea what steps to take next, especially if your employer wrongfully terminated you. You have options after an unlawful dismissal that can help you recover damages that your employer caused. Learn more by contacting a Glendale wrongful termination lawyer at Setyan Law.

Finding the Best Wrongful Termination Lawyers Near Me in Glendale, CA

The best wrongful termination lawyers have knowledge and experience to handle an array of unlawful dismissal cases. They have in-depth understanding of state and federal wrongful termination laws that apply to your case. They should also have handled cases like yours so that they are familiar with the legal process of filing a complaint against your employer. You need a wrongful termination attorney who specializes in Glendale employment law.

Setyan Law: Premier Unfair Dismissal Lawyers in Glendale, CA

If you’ve faced unfair termination of employment in Glendale, CA, Setyan Law has a team of legal professionals ready to handle your case. Our founding attorney, Sam Setyan, has an extensive employment law background. He studied wrongful termination at Loyola Law School in Los Angeles and worked at one of the largest employment law firms in Southern California. He uses his background to fight for the rights of his clients to win their cases.

The unlawful firing lawyers at Setyan Law have answers to all of your questions. When you call for an initial consultation, you will speak directly with an attorney. We handle each case individually and ensure our clients get personalized service.

How Setyan Law Handles Illegal Termination Cases in Glendale, CA

Setyan Law begins every case by sitting down with our clients and listening to their story. We value what you have to say. Then, we will conduct an investigation and gather information to support your claims. We have developed targeted strategies that win cases like yours if you end up suing for wrongful termination.

What Is My Glendale Wrongful Termination Case Worth?

Every case is different. The only way to determine exactly how much money you can get for your case is to have a consultation with a wrongful termination lawyer. If you do file a wrongful termination lawsuit in Glendale, CA, you can potentially get damages for the following:

  • Lost wages
  • Unpaid benefits
  • Back pay and wages
  • Emotional distress
  • Pain and suffering
  • Attorney’s fees

In some situations, you may be able to get punitive damage, which are added to your compensation to punish the employer for their wrongful actions.

Common Reasons for Unlawful Firing in Glendale, CA

The Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) reported that employees filed nearly 67,500 complaints against employers for wrongful termination in 2020. This number was down from prior years – likely due to lower numbers of employment overall. The most claimed reasons for illegal dismissal include the following:

Retaliation was the number one claimed reason for wrongful termination. In fact, it amounted for more than half of all complaints against employers. Retaliation claims often arise when an employee reports other wrongful actions and the employer responds by unlawfully dismissing the worker. Retaliation is illegal.

California Wrongful Termination Claims Process in Glendale, CA

A wrongful termination claim in California must first be submitted as an administrative complaint with the California Department of Fair Employment and Housing (DFEH). However, there is a statute of limitations, or deadline, for how long you have to file a claim. You must submit an administrative complaint with the DFEH within three years of your termination date and obtain a right to sue letter prior to filing a complaint in court.

If you file a wrongful termination lawsuit in the California court system, you will have to submit many legal documents with specific language. You must also meet deadlines. If you make any mistakes during this process, your case may be dismissed or delayed.

The wrongful termination lawyers at Setyan Law will conduct an extensive interview with you to determine the wrongful acts committed against you and draft a complaint to be filed with the DFEH. After obtaining the right to sue letter, the employment attorneys at Setyan Law will file suit on your behalf in state or federal court and pursue your claims with vigor.

A Glendale Wrongful Termination Lawyer Can Help You

You have rights if you were wrongfully terminated from your job in Glendale, CA. There are many state and federal laws that protect you from the wrongful actions of employers. You should immediately reach out to a Glendale EEOC wrongful termination lawyer who can handle your administrative claim and lawsuit.

Setyan Law is a wrongful termination law firm in Glendale, CA. We are ready to take on your case and aggressively protect your rights. Call us today at (213) 618-3655 for a free consultation.

How an Employment Attorney in Los Angeles Can Help You

Employment disputes are about more than winning. They often involve your livelihood and can impact your entire life. Setyan Law has a team of legal professionals and discrimination lawyers in Los Angeles, CA, Pasadena, CA, and Glendale, CA.

We will review your case, gather evidence to support your claims, and fight for you to get the justice you deserve.

Please feel free to call us for a free consultation about your rights.